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Awakening Ayahuasca

It is amazing how the WORD, aka the bible is filled with the most mystical of experiences that come more to life each time SPIRIT brings me into a new state of awakening. This last one was by the greatest gift of them all. I was shown how all is SPIRIT and how all division is nothing more than delusional thinking or programmed mental constructs. There is no race. There is no hierarchy. There is only Divine Masculine or Jesus and Divine Feminine or Mary Magdalene Jesus’ Wife. This was revealed to us not taught to us! We are each Jesus and Mary and can live LIFE in perfect harmony with one another. Every single person is walking towards The Sacred Healing Way or walking away from The Way, The Truth and The Life. It is through healing the soul that the Mind of CHRIST or CHRIST-CONSCIOUSNESS is gifted / awarded to us. As a Bona Fide Medicine Man and Medicine Woman, Lauren ” Golden Leaf” and I, Matthew “Fisher of Men” are here to serve as an experienced guide into The Sacred Healing Way and Fearless SPIRIT-Led Protector while in Sacred Sacrament Ceremonies. We are a voice of reason during dark times. We have faced many dark forces and we have come out victorious because of our FAITH in SPIRIT. Jesus said that he would send a helper, the HOLY SPIRIT. Native American’s referred to GOD, Creator, as The Great Spirit, Grandfather. Jesus and Mary our Father and Mother. (Our belief based on what we have experienced not what we have been told or taught by the “Christian Church”) We are all SPIRIT and need to honor all life, all creation as SPIRIT because that is THE TRUTH of it all. GOD Within. Kingdom of Heaven within. It is all within!!! The Sacred Healing Way as our ancestors described it is the same as The Way Jesus spoke of. So many others have called SPIRIT and The Sacred Way so many names…An infinite Creator has infinite names and comes to us is infinite ways. We are all SON and DAUGHTER of the Father, CREATOR, SPIRIT. We are all here to pick up our cross, follow SPIRIT, follow the model Jesus showed us, the path, the narrow road. We have found having grown up in the church, there is SPIRIT within those buildings sure (SPIRIT IS THE BUILDING, PURE ENERGY) but it is really The People that are feeling SPIRIT within themselves. WE ARE SPIRIT. We Simply Awaken Unto Relationship with SPIRIT. We understand we are Co-Creators. We begin to expand our consciousness going well beyond all the programming, propaganda and misconceptions about GOD and our RELATIONSHIP with GOD or the “Christian” Man in the Sky, god outside yourself concept that has been forced into every country removing the HUMAN/DIVINE Relationship with SPIRIT that the Native American’s enjoyed or even more recently the Kingdom of Hawaii as settlers came and uprooted the Queen and then US forced Hawaii into becoming the 50th state through laws. VIDEO ON THIS HERE

The Sacred Healing Way Ceremonies

We prepare our new church members through an Online University to educate them on each of the Sacred Sacraments:

Ayahuasca or Sacred Mother Ayahuasca

Psilocybin or Sacred Mushroom

Bufo Alvarius or Sacred Toad

Kambo or Sacred Sapo / Frog

San Pedro / Peyote or Sacred Cacti

In addition to our extensive Spirit of Truth Native American online University, our 9 week Preparation for Transformation coaching program through Divine Bliss Living really transforms participants lives before, during and after their Sacred Healing Way Ceremonies.


Plant medicine social gathering online with established plant medicine churches and organizations to join, grow with and learn from. All Spiritual Seekers welcome. We encourage Shamans and Medicine Men and Woman to join, create private groups and expand with other welcoming church members. We encourage the SPIRIT of COOPERATION not COMPETITION. With the Medical and Mental Health Industries quickly making Plant Medicines pharmaceuticals and more regulations and policies protecting Big Businesses and those licensed by government approved agencies and or Universities, WE MUST COME TOGETHER AND BE ONE VOICE OPERATING AS SPIRIT HERE ON EARTH TO PROTECT HUMAN BEINGS and PLANT MEDICINES from those who would not serve humanity but bottom-lines, profits and spirits of lust and greed power and egotistical living and lifestyles. We must stand together as ONE VOICE! We must hire attorneys. We must advocate for sincere beliefs and the rights of the “Christian churches” but for all Medicine Men and Woman.

alabama ayahuasca retreats and ceremonies

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