Spirit of Truth Native American Church in Wetumpka, Al

Spirit of Truth NAC is a federally recognized 501 (c) (3) and Independent Tribe with the Blessing of Chief Leslie "Fool" Bull

To Speak with Medicine Man Matthew "Fisher of Men" or Lauren "Golden Leaf" please give us a call today.
702 Powell Loop, Wetumpka, AL 36092


Sacred Mother Ayahuasca is known to be one of the most intense spiritual journey’s and or healings a person can experience. 

Bufo alvarius

Sacred Toad or Bufo ceremonies are said to be a person’s Birthright or Rite of Passage. It is known to be the Crown Jewel of the “Sacred Sacraments” and Oneness with All.  


Sacred Mushroom is one of the safest yet can be one of the most powerful of the Sacraments causing many to have profound psychological shifts or spiritual awakenings. 


Sacred Cacti has been used by the ancient indigenous people for 1000+ years.  Euphoria, deep feelings on oneness with Mother Earth and each other. 

san pedro

Sacred Cacti may provide profound spiritual insights while unblocking the body’s Chakra’s or energy centers. San Pedro, is said to be masculine and is said to focus it’s attention on areas of the Heart or Heart Chakra. 


Sacred Cannabis is used in religious ceremonies when in prayer and meditation. When treated sacred, Cannabis can provide spiritual insight while reducing anxiety


Sacred Tobacco of Snuff used to clear negative energy, open up 3rd eye and decalcify pineal gland.


Sacred Frog Secretion is applied to the skin once the top layer is burned off or a “gate” is created. Kambo has dozens of healthy peptides. 

Prior to participants coming to Spirit of Truth NAC and Sacred Space Sanctuary, there is a 4 week Transformational Coaching program designed to prepare your heart and minds for an incredible intense healing weekend. 

We work with participants on preparing their Dieta 30-45 days before their weekend healing ceremony and 30-45 days after as the Dieta can help the Sacraments be more effective and last longer. 


The Sacred Healing Way

Sacred Ayahuasca, Sacred Cacti, Sacred Hape, Sacred Mushroom, Sacred Bufo and Sacred Sanaga Healing Ceremonies run from Friday to Sunday


Our Medicine Man and Medicine Woman are Bona Fide

Matthew “Fisher of Men” 859-489-9317

Lauren” Golden Leaf” 205-821-4740