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Ayahuasca Ceremonies in Wetumpka, Alabama

Hello everyone, Lauren “Golden Leaf” and I Matthew “Fisher of Men” are happy to welcome you to our Sacred Space Church website and Sapo Blog. This website along with KamboDetoxNearMe.com/Spirit-Of-Truth-Native-American/ website are designed to help people who are searching for The Sacred Healing Way. We are here to help guide those who feel called on their path to begin a new way of life. It is through the Sacred Sacraments Kambo, Bufo Alvarius, Ayahuasca, Mushroom or Psilocybin, San Pedro, Peyote, Hape, and Sanaga that we have come to know our Highest Self. It is through these Sacred Healing Spirit Teacher Sacraments that we have come into oneness with Mother Earth and others who walk upon her. Everything is SPIRIT.

ayahuasca ceremonies, native american church, ayahuasca alabama

We have been called to help guide others on their path of Divine Healing, to their awakening. We believe that SPIRIT resides in all of us and that we are all one. We see everyone as our brothers and sisters, and our ultimate goal is to help awaken others to their own inner divinity. We have noticed major divisions throughout our world including the Sacred Sacraments Plant community. We are accepting of everyone that is ready and willing to walk the narrow path of The Sacred Healing Way. The journey is not easy however, we have been gifted these amazing plants as allies to work with and learn from.

Experience with SPIRIT has been our guide and the only truth that we share with others. We have come to understand that every moment, feeling, thought, experience, pain, shame, guilt, regret, SPIRIT was with us experiencing it all. It is through The Way that we awaken to a state of consciousness that is unattached to mental constructs that divide us from SPIRIT and each other. We believe that SPIRIT is all things, all GODS to ALL PEOPLE. To put it another way, we believe that all roads lead to our Great Awakening. All roads lead to SPIRIT as SPIRIT created all roads. We believe that when we change from within, the world may not stop spinning, but it is a new reality, created by free thinking people, no longer enslaved by self-centered / selfish / fear based / restrictive controlling mind. We are no longer attached to judgement as we understand that everyone everywhere are all on their own personal journey on The Sacred Healing Way. We understand that we are here to gently assist all human beings. We are here to care for Mother Earth. We are here to be one with SPIRIT, Our Highest Self, Other brothers and sisters.

ayahuasca ceremonies, native american church, ayahuasca alabama

Sacred Ayahuasca Ceremony in Wetumpka, AL by Spirit of Truth Native American Church

For more information about Sacred Ayahuasca ceremonies in Alabama, please contact Ministers Matthew “Fisher of Men” and Lauren “Golden Leaf”. Spirit of Truth Native American Church is the first Federally-Recognized 501 c 3 Christ-led Native American Church. We have our headquarters in Ava, MO and church plant in Wetumpka, AL. Spirit of Truth NAC church authority has been passed down from Leslie “Fool” Bull and Church of Wounded Knee and Rosebud. We are very proud to serve the SPIRIT, CREATOR, CHRIST. We accept everyone. We serve everyone. Our heart is for the homeless. The lost. The sick. The addicted and the incarcerated. We are confident that all people can heal. All can awaken. All can live a life as their Highest Self.

For more information about Alabama Ayahuasca Ceremonies or Kambo Ceremonies in Wetumpka 859-489-9317

ayahuasca ceremonies, native american church, ayahuasca alabama