Alabama Ayahuaca Ceremonies for Healing

Healing is a very intense process that the Sacred Sacraments Ayahuasca, Psilocybin, Bufo Alvarius, San Pedro, Hape and Kambo gracefully carry each and everyone one of us through once we decide to commit ourselves to walk and heal through The Sacred Healing Way. Jesus said, I AM The Way, The Truth, The Life. It is through Ayahuasca ceremonies and other plant medicine ceremonies that The Great Physician has revealed this sacred healing ritual used by our Ancestors for 10’s of 1000’s of years to receive healing and wisdom from SPIRIT.

Ayahuasca Ceremonies Heal Mind Body and Soul and Awaken Us to Our Divinity and True Humanity

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Mother Ayahuasca has taught us over the years that we are love and light and all the mental constructs exist to separate ourselves from SPIRIT, from ourselves (our hopes, dreams, desires, goals, ambitions, opportunities) and they separate us from each other leading to hate and racism and war. There is no division, no separation. There is no sin, only the love the things that deceive us.

Mental Constructs, Mental Programming, Systems in Place To Perpetuate Fears, Stress, Anxieties, Guilt, Shame, Remorse

  1. Stories we tell ourselves about every thought, feeling and action
  2. Stories we tell ourselves about what we think other people may think or how other people may feel
  3. We base our thoughts, feelings and actions on that of other people or what we think others may think, say or do

The moment we are not present or the moment our minds begin to travel on their own accords is the moment we are creating dreams within a dream as in the movie Inception. It is in being present in the moment, here now and focusing our time, money, energy, words, and actions in the manner in which we determine that we are truly free, truly present. Ayahuasca, Bufo, Psilocybin, Kambo, San Pedro and other plant medicines remove the traumas, release the negative or stored energies, detox the body and free the mind by awakening us to SPIRIT. To the understanding that we are SPIRIT. Each of us Jesus and Mary. All of us children of the MOST HIGH GOD, CREATOR, FATHER, THE GREAT PHYSICIAN. There is ONE CREATOR and there are many creations or gods each playing their roles to help humanity awaken and evolve and begin to Co-create Heaven on Earth in SPIRIT, with SPIRIT, as SPIRIT. There is no separation from the LOVE of GOD. God is LOVE. We are God. God is us. There is and has never been any separation, only blindness.

Matrix – Financial Systems, Healthcare Systems, Educational Systems, Religious Systems, Governments, Secret Societies

Do they exist? Are the programming us? Are they created to control? Are they designed to stiffen all the worlds wealth into the hands of the few? Yes, Yes, Yes. However, what we are here to tell you, that too is a mental construct, a Matrix within the Matrix or System with the greater System designed to Kill, Steal and Destroy the human race. We have spent years researching the inside job of 911 or the Martin Luther King and JFK conspiracies which have now been proven to be in fact real conspiracies. The next mental construct that should would and usually does is the Injustice Construct and how dare they which bring us to the next mental construct once that is all said and done which is feelings of inadequacy. What can I do about it? Fears, they are just to big to stop. Anxieties, what happens if they find out I am saying stuff about them and they come after me as you see in the movies? Movies, TV, schools, all mental constructs designed to keep us separated from the TRUTH, the real history, the real story.

Take Back Your Life & Do It Now – Plant Medicine Ceremonies – The Sacred Healing Way

Do not waste your time any more thinking about what could or should or may happen if this or that was to happen

Do not waste your life worrying about the future when it is not promised to anyone of us and removes us from THE NOW – SPIRIT

Do not think about what others may think about as they have about 60,000 thoughts a day just like we do

No thought, no feeling, no event, no trauma, no pain, no suffering, no joy and no sadness is not perfect, every single thing in the past throughout history, everything that is happening right now “good” or “bad” if always for OUR GOOD, always SPIRIT working inside us to complete a perfect work that was begun before time existed. We are SPIRIT, We are ONE, We are each other good bad or indifferent. We are here to help others find The Sacred Healing Way and bein their journey to their GREAT AWAKENING! A’ho AMEN

For Alabama Ayahuasca Ceremonies please call Matthew “Fisher of Men” 859-489-9317

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